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Do these 6 simple steps to upgrade to VIP Member!
- You must possess a Facebook account with more than 30 friends to qualify.
- You must be a Normal member first.

1. Click here to use this facebook application to add our banner

2. Copy and paste the code below into the application and make the logo appear on your profile page.

3. Become a fan of our facebook page at this link:

Then add us as a friend so that we can see your posts

4. After we confirm you as a friend, type in I love on your own profile wall.

VIP part 1

5. Then click on link and type in

VIP part 1

6. Click on Attach and after that click on Share.

VIP part 1

Now send us a message in facebook with the email address you wish to upgrade.
We will check for the link in your wall and upgrade you to VIP member once it is verified.

You can check your membership status here


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