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Payment Notification Form

Proceed only after you have made an order with us.

Make payment via Internet Banking / ATM Transfer before filling up this Payment Notification Form.
Take down the transaction number found on the ATM receipt / Internet banking statement.

Make payment to the same banks which you are paying from. (Example, your POSB to our POSB)
Transfers to different banks will take 3 working days to verify and this will delay the order & delivery of your shoes.

Note : Attempts to cheat or fraud will be reported to the banks and the police.

POSB Savings Account: 126-87036-1

UOB Savings Account: 370-371-025-3

OCBC Savings Account: 528-6-012611

Credit Card Payment
If you have chosen to pay by credit card or paypal, we will send a
payment request within 24 hours to your email after finalizing your order.

Name : * same one used to order.
Email Address : * same one used to order.
Payment Type :
Transaction Number : * Found on your ATM receipt / Internet Banking statement.
Amount Transferred : Dollars 0 Cents 0
From Bank : * Please transfer to and from the same banks.
To Bank :
Date of transaction : / / 2012
Time of transaction : :
Verification Code : Enter the word as shown in the box below


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Please provide us with the above details so that we may verify payment and proceed with your order.

For any further enquires, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you!


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